Kindness of Strangers

December 14, 2009 2 comments

It’s been really tough losing our main tank Bamartin in the move to Badlands.  But we finally have two ironbreakers who are interested in joining us regularly.  Both Nargrum and Rurykk are from Phoenix Throne.  Bonus!  Nargrum was all set to join us, but his power went out during a snowstorm.  We ran with Rurykk instead and everything went smoothly.

This time around it was Barann (RP), Dione (WP), Pantaro (WL), yours truly (BW), Rurykk (IB), and Chical (Knight).  Barann let us know he had only 2 greater wards.  I mentioned to him that meant we could finish the first wing, but the second wing would be extremely difficult to finish as he would be hit accidentally a lot more.  This turned out to be fine though because we got as far as we usually do in 3 hours, the second boss in the second wing.   Chical had everything he wanted out of LV and was joining us just to help out.  A true gentleman.

Rurykk told us the source of those mysterious spirits we got on the last run.  Killing the shaman group next to Azhranok is a bad idea.

This run went very smoothly.  We didn’t wipe on Azhranok nor on Horgulul.  We wiped once on Malghor and once on Dralel.  I think everyone was surprised how easy Dralel was because 1) we had banners, 2) our main tank was fully tank specced and the off-tank was very high renown ranked to compensate for not being tank specced.  The lucky winners today: Barann, Rurykk.  Barann got some Dark Promise gloves and Rurykk finally got the shield he has been running LV for 9 months for!

I just love the feel of our Lost Vale groups.  People who know what they’re doing.  Jokes about blaming the warrior priest for the sake of tradition (even though the healing was awesome).

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Today’s Lost Vale Trip

December 5, 2009 2 comments

We transferred to our new server, Badlands, this week.  Unfortunately, our Lost Vale group lost our stalwart friend and main tank,  Bamartin.  He went to Iron Rock and I’m going to be sad for a good while.

Today’s group had 3 people who had never worked with us before.  Regolyth (shadow warrior), Dione (warrior priest), and Althanar.  Our 3 regulars were Arbroir (renamed from Arbrior), me (bright wizard), and Ezak (knight).  We made Althanar main tank because he has higher renown ranking than Ezak and Ezak didn’t want to be the main tank.

Things that went well:

1) We didn’t wipe on Ahzranok nor Malghor.  We wiped on Horgulul once.

2) The women in the group got new Dark Promise shoes!

3) Dione got the much coveted one-handed Garradel hammer on her first successful kill of Dralel.

4) The conversation in our groups is always the best.  It’s a funny, witty group of folks and I’m so glad I can run with them often.

5) The group is goal-oriented and serious, but at the same time it’s laid back enough to be tolerant of easy mistakes and taking breaks.  Friendly folks who are looking for fun and fabulous riches.

Things that didn’t go so well:

1) Althanar normally goes to bed at 5AM but he stayed up all night in order to go to Lost Vale with us.  He was tired and unfocused and was not feeling well.  We were relying on Althinar to set the pace but he was really tired and out of it. Telling him to “go” or “charge!” every time we finished one mob slowed us down.

2) I started off too close to Dralel (spider boss) and grabbed aggro and died while trying to kill the little spiders.  Twice.

3) In front of Malghor (pink cloud boss) we aggro’ed a bunch of spirits and killed them.  But they kept coming back and were a pain to kill again and again.  They followed us all the way to the next boss (Horgulul, many teated boss).  This had never happened before and we were speculating whether they were new to the patch or because Ezak went up into the cliffs for the first time or because we went AFK in the middle of the path to Malghor.  Normally when we go AFK we stay on the rocks to the left.

4) Althanar was  taking too much damage on bosses.  When Ezak was not guarding him, he dropped really fast.   Ezak can make his chance to be crit close to zero, would be worth asking Althinar what his is and if he’s specced for defense.  If we don’t have a rune priest with us, Althanar as the main tank on some of the LV bosses is a risky proposition.

5) Dione was not in vent and we spent time typing explanations out instead of quickly chatting.

6) We had no banners (battle standard) due to the move.  After wiping 6 times on Dralel, Arbrior and Regolyth had to leave, so we invited Doxlor (engi) and Bobila (a rune priest).   The Kingmakers standard (minus chance to be crit and some other goodies)  seemed to make the difference because after one pain-free, partial wipe (because rune priest grabbed aggro when torching earlier than the tanks) we easily killed Dralel.

Let me know if you’re interested in going again.  I’m definitely looking forward to another Lost Vale trip next Saturday!

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Iron Rock or Badlands

November 29, 2009 1 comment

I took some time to speak to officers and guild leaders on both Iron Rock and Badlands.

I had two goals:
1) To get an inside look at the servers we are considering moving to
2) to find new allies to help us grow and compete in a much larger pond

I found one alliance on each server who are interested in merging with us and they both seem to be a good fit with our alliance in different ways.   In the interest of saving time, I won’t bore you with details from the crappy guilds I also talked to.

Server: Badlands
Guild: Eridani Light Horse
ELH immediately invited me into their guild after answering my questions in the /advice channel.
I spoke with their guild leader Janmichael/Gotti.  They had 12 members on when I joined them and I found 7 of their members to be smart, funny, and mature: Daishar, Taneela, Harca, Kyred, Greywulfe, Malrith, Janmichael.  The others were quiet or busy.  They were finishing a guild-only crypts run and considering turning that into an LV run but were too tired.
Their guild does an equal mix of RvR and PvE.  They lead alliance warbands usually 9-15 in size and they “tend not to do PUGs” because they find that random people don’t cooperate.  They aren’t against PUGs though, they heard that PT had organized PUG days and thought that was a good thing.
They have 3 guilds (2 feeder guilds) in their alliance so they have room for us.
They find their destro to be “very good” and “ruthless”, but Order doesn’t feel completely outnumbered.
They said they had “lots of women” in their guild and mentioned 3 of them.  I found their guild chat environment very enjoyable.

When it was ELH’s turn to ask me questions, they asked about our guild names.  ELH has members from Percival DAOC, and members who play tabletop warhammer, and one member who speaks a little bit of Gaellic Smiley They wanted very much for me to speak with them in vent, but demurred when I explained my visiting family would kill me.  They did not ask about our membership numbers or class balance.

Server: Iron Rock
Guild: Ascension
Nobody answered my questions in the /advice channel.  In the responses, I was told that women don’t play MMOs and also that they belong in harems.  Smiley.  I found this guild by looking for level 40 healers.  There were hardly any on the server when I was on (10PM PST).  I spoke with their officer Wargrudge (his main is Warhealer).  Their other officers are Darkmore/Baru, Bulor/Lieph.  Their guild leader is Jalis.  They weren’t able to invite me into their guild as they have set policies and requirements I would have to meet.  But after our conversation, Wargrudge was very interested in merging with our alliance and invited our guild leaders to talk with his alliance guild leaders.  They have 7 guilds in their alliance and have 3 slots available.  Wargrudge said that he thinks the guild leader is already talking to guilds from PT.
They had 14 members on during our talk and they were running a guild-only LV raid.  Wargrudge was their main tank but he made time to talk to me.  War said they were one of the most active guilds on the server. They try to run alliance-only warbands in RvR but lately they’ve been running “a lot of PUGs” to help & teach the rest of Order.  He said that Order on their server was “severely outnumbered and demoralized”.

When it was his turn to ask me questions, he asked how many active members we had and also if we had DPS.  He felt that the entire IR server is lacking in bright wizards right now.
Their guild has one woman member, a RR76 WL.

I think Badlands would give us an environment that feels most like PT, but that Iron Rock needs our numbers more keenly.  Whatever happens, I would love to see our alliance join with an existing alliance on the new server.  We might lose old friends, but we can also make new ones.

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Lost Vale Tips

November 16, 2009 4 comments

Before entering Lost Vale:

– have folks new to LV go to the Phoenix King in Altdorf to get the “Pure of Heart” quest.

– make sure folks bring a couple of banners

– group composition should be 2 tanks, 2 healers, 2 dps, only tanks need to be completely greater warded

– agree on who is the main tank, who is off-tank

– have everyone join vent

Left Wing

Intro mini-boss – giant worm on the beach

– Move forward on the beach and when elf approaches, wait for the giant worm to appear

– The giant worm will disappear after getting damaged to a certain extent

– folks new to LV need to talk to Mournfire on the beach

First boss: Ahzranok – lizard with frontal aoe

– Right next to the lizard boss are the first Menhir shards.

– Start picking up Menhir shards – have one person pick up all 10 required shards

– Don’t kill the mob of shamans in the back.  If you do, sprits will follow you for the rest of the wing.

– Ahzranok is pretty easy to kill as long as the tank keeps Ahzranok from facing the healers and squishies.  Healers and squishies should stand to the side of the boss.

– Turn in the first part of the quest.

On the way to the second boss:

– Pleasureseers need to be killed first.  They cause all actions (heals, attacks) to take 2x -3x longer.

Second boss: Malghor and his pink clouds

– Standing on a pink cloud causes insta-hate from Malghor

– Malghor resets mid-battle if tanks engage Malghor too far from his original wandering area

– Tanks should avoid pink clouds after establishing aggro – clouds seem to do a debuff which increases damage taken

– Pink clouds move around, the group may need to pick a safe spot depending on location of the clouds

– LOS for healing was not great from the logs

– Healers and RDPS standing on the tent worked ultimately, but healers aggroed the hero on a separate occasion

– Killing trash mobs there didn’t create noticable increase in damage from boss.

– Afterwards, turn in quest.

On the way to Third boss:

– Avoid getting close to the white eggs.  Multiple spiders will appear.

– The small spiders are not trivial to kill, so stay together as a group

Third boss: Horgulul – the many teated S&M boss

– She has a large knockback.  Main tank should run in and keep their back against the pillar.

– Adds are easily dispatched with AOE

Important: The most common mistake is for healers to be too far away to heal.  This happens because the hero is large in size and is moving around in a circle.  Have everyone move in together.

-After Horgulul is dead, turn in all 10 shards.  Then you can turn in the quest.

– Head left to the cave with the spiders to get to the fourth boss

Fourth boss: Dralel – spider

– Everyone needs to make sure their Torch of Lileath is on their hotbar.  The torch can be found in the quest item inventory.

– Make sure to kill the 3 champion spiders in the back of the cavern before starting on the boss.  She can knock you all the way to them.

– Be careful in the rocks.  If you get stuck, just relog.

– The healers need to stand with their backs against the rock.

– Each little spider add that touches Dralel will increase her power.  Both DPS must kill the little spider adds.

– Main tank pulls Dralel to the top of the incline so that adds are easier to kill.

Important: notice when your action bar turns grey.  That’s when you need to use the torch to unroot yourself.

– At the beginning of the battle, allow the Main Tank to use torch first to establish aggro.  Afterwards everyone should use their torch whenever their action bar turns grey.

– Left wing is done!  Return to the starting area beach to get your jewelry item.

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