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Kindness of Strangers

It’s been really tough losing our main tank Bamartin in the move to Badlands.  But we finally have two ironbreakers who are interested in joining us regularly.  Both Nargrum and Rurykk are from Phoenix Throne.  Bonus!  Nargrum was all set to join us, but his power went out during a snowstorm.  We ran with Rurykk instead and everything went smoothly.

This time around it was Barann (RP), Dione (WP), Pantaro (WL), yours truly (BW), Rurykk (IB), and Chical (Knight).  Barann let us know he had only 2 greater wards.  I mentioned to him that meant we could finish the first wing, but the second wing would be extremely difficult to finish as he would be hit accidentally a lot more.  This turned out to be fine though because we got as far as we usually do in 3 hours, the second boss in the second wing.   Chical had everything he wanted out of LV and was joining us just to help out.  A true gentleman.

Rurykk told us the source of those mysterious spirits we got on the last run.  Killing the shaman group next to Azhranok is a bad idea.

This run went very smoothly.  We didn’t wipe on Azhranok nor on Horgulul.  We wiped once on Malghor and once on Dralel.  I think everyone was surprised how easy Dralel was because 1) we had banners, 2) our main tank was fully tank specced and the off-tank was very high renown ranked to compensate for not being tank specced.  The lucky winners today: Barann, Rurykk.  Barann got some Dark Promise gloves and Rurykk finally got the shield he has been running LV for 9 months for!

I just love the feel of our Lost Vale groups.  People who know what they’re doing.  Jokes about blaming the warrior priest for the sake of tradition (even though the healing was awesome).

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  1. December 21, 2009 at 1:04 pm

    When are you making a walk through on the other wings?

  2. alizaa
    December 21, 2009 at 4:41 pm

    Right now, we just do 3 hours, which is long enough to get through left wing and only part of right wing. Since we rotate who goes, there’s always someone who hasn’t finished the left wing yet. Personally, I’ve come very close to finishing the last boss on the right wing, but not regularly enough to make me feel like we’re doing it “right”. Some of the sections on the right wing we’ve finished with different methods. I love that there’s more than one way to skin a cat.

    I think if we spread a LV trip over 3 days (2 hours each day) we could probably finish the entire thing. And then I can finish the walk through for the other wings.

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