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Lost Vale Tips

Before entering Lost Vale:

– have folks new to LV go to the Phoenix King in Altdorf to get the “Pure of Heart” quest.

– make sure folks bring a couple of banners

– group composition should be 2 tanks, 2 healers, 2 dps, only tanks need to be completely greater warded

– agree on who is the main tank, who is off-tank

– have everyone join vent

Left Wing

Intro mini-boss – giant worm on the beach

– Move forward on the beach and when elf approaches, wait for the giant worm to appear

– The giant worm will disappear after getting damaged to a certain extent

– folks new to LV need to talk to Mournfire on the beach

First boss: Ahzranok – lizard with frontal aoe

– Right next to the lizard boss are the first Menhir shards.

– Start picking up Menhir shards – have one person pick up all 10 required shards

– Don’t kill the mob of shamans in the back.  If you do, sprits will follow you for the rest of the wing.

– Ahzranok is pretty easy to kill as long as the tank keeps Ahzranok from facing the healers and squishies.  Healers and squishies should stand to the side of the boss.

– Turn in the first part of the quest.

On the way to the second boss:

– Pleasureseers need to be killed first.  They cause all actions (heals, attacks) to take 2x -3x longer.

Second boss: Malghor and his pink clouds

– Standing on a pink cloud causes insta-hate from Malghor

– Malghor resets mid-battle if tanks engage Malghor too far from his original wandering area

– Tanks should avoid pink clouds after establishing aggro – clouds seem to do a debuff which increases damage taken

– Pink clouds move around, the group may need to pick a safe spot depending on location of the clouds

– LOS for healing was not great from the logs

– Healers and RDPS standing on the tent worked ultimately, but healers aggroed the hero on a separate occasion

– Killing trash mobs there didn’t create noticable increase in damage from boss.

– Afterwards, turn in quest.

On the way to Third boss:

– Avoid getting close to the white eggs.  Multiple spiders will appear.

– The small spiders are not trivial to kill, so stay together as a group

Third boss: Horgulul – the many teated S&M boss

– She has a large knockback.  Main tank should run in and keep their back against the pillar.

– Adds are easily dispatched with AOE

Important: The most common mistake is for healers to be too far away to heal.  This happens because the hero is large in size and is moving around in a circle.  Have everyone move in together.

-After Horgulul is dead, turn in all 10 shards.  Then you can turn in the quest.

– Head left to the cave with the spiders to get to the fourth boss

Fourth boss: Dralel – spider

– Everyone needs to make sure their Torch of Lileath is on their hotbar.  The torch can be found in the quest item inventory.

– Make sure to kill the 3 champion spiders in the back of the cavern before starting on the boss.  She can knock you all the way to them.

– Be careful in the rocks.  If you get stuck, just relog.

– The healers need to stand with their backs against the rock.

– Each little spider add that touches Dralel will increase her power.  Both DPS must kill the little spider adds.

– Main tank pulls Dralel to the top of the incline so that adds are easier to kill.

Important: notice when your action bar turns grey.  That’s when you need to use the torch to unroot yourself.

– At the beginning of the battle, allow the Main Tank to use torch first to establish aggro.  Afterwards everyone should use their torch whenever their action bar turns grey.

– Left wing is done!  Return to the starting area beach to get your jewelry item.

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  1. November 17, 2009 at 10:20 am

    For Left Wing you have skipped a boss.

    Ahzranok seems more like the mini boss anyone would have to face in LV in the quest line, despite the wing. He comes out in the middle.

    Can’t remember his name, but technically isn’t the gaint lizard out on the rock in the cavern the first boss. He has the massive front AOE. Then you are on to the second.

    Was definately fun runnign with you, can’t wait to do the others.

    • November 18, 2009 at 8:48 pm

      Thanks Mr. Meh, how can I forget the one boss that didn’t wipe us? 🙂 I just added the section for the first boss. I have a terrible memory for names so I got the names off my dungeon lockout timer page. Thanks again for catching that.

  2. Artharian
    November 19, 2009 at 7:32 am

    Very nice guide for the left wing of LV. You included a lot of little details that I’ve seen other guides pass over, but are very nice to know when running the dungeon for the first time. I look forward to seeing your guides for the rest of LV.

  3. Arbrior
    November 20, 2009 at 7:24 am

    Fine work, Alizaa (and great name for a blog: truly 😉 )

    A few points of my own:

    — Banners with +15% to armor will be appreciated by your healers.
    — Yes, kill the pleasureseers ASAP. Insta-cast moral heals take seconds while they live; group heals an eternity.
    — I found that by delaying my use of the torch during the Dralel encounter, I was able to avoid agro altogether. I allowed the tanks burn-away the webs each time first (not just in the beginning but during the fight) and in the end I think it helped as Dralel seems to key on that torch.

    Looking forward to the middle wing 🙂

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