I’m a software project manager by day, defender of the realm by night.  I have a lot of interests (such as politics, modern art, woodworking, and most importantly: gorgeous shoes).  But gaming adds a wonderful spark to my life.  My first MMO was Ultima Online.  I’ve always played defensive tanks, but for Warhammer I’m playing a wizard.   In some ways they are much the same – target the healer, don’t worry too much about dying.  But I’m still trying to get used to kiting as a lifestyle.  If I make it to level 70 and still don’t kite naturally, I’m switching back to tanking.  I’m currently level 56.

For a wizard, I have a quiet playstyle.  I silently debuff corporeal damage and then I land spells and dots in corporeal damage.   When the healer finally notices my slow but steady dots, I debuff their healing for 50% for 10 seconds.  Then I wither to finish them off.  Works every time, even if 1 other healer is cross healing.   I’ve specced with killing healers in mind, but that means I’ll never be the aoe monster with 200K damage in a scenario.   You never know though, maybe someday I’ll have 2 pocket healers and get some decent gear.

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